Times Giant Book of 4000 Words

Author: , Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

This giant book of over 400 pages is a word-bank designed to make learing stimulating and fun for children. It helps build their vocabulary in different learning contexts, from picture word recognition to talkabout activities.

The vocabulary in this book covers:

  • 1000 picture words grouped according to things and concepts within a child's immediate experience and interest;
  • 1000 talkabout words introduced together with questions that encourage the child to talk freely about the situations, people and objects shown;
  • 1000 words, alphabetically arranged and with meanings shown in sentences, to help build a child's basic vocabulary; and
  • 1000 action words explained through illustrations and in the context of everyday speech.



More Information
Date of Publication 1996
ISBN 9789810107420
Subject Early Years, English