Times 2000 Words to Talk About

Author: , Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

This "talk-about" books is designed to provide parents with many hours of pleasure. Encourage your children to talk freely about familiar situations, people and objects shown in the detailed and colourful spreads. Developing children's abilityto interpret pictures and acquiring a wide vocabulary are the essential steps towards a successful start in reading. 

For each spread, questions have been provided as a starting point but feel free to make up your own. For some questions, suggested answers can be found on the picture at the appropriate place - these can be used as guidelines. Questions marked with red bullets require children to use their imagination to reason and make predictions - an important skill required in reading.

Above all, make this book an enjoyable experience for children. AS their interest is stimulated, their vocabulary will be extended and their ability to express themselves confidently enhanced.


The Family and Their Friends:

  • The family
  • It's time to wake up
  • Let's get dressed
  • Breakfast-time
  • Going to school
  • Leeson-time
  • Indoor playtime
  • Outdoor playtime
  • Snack-time
  • In the kitchen
  • Dinner-time
  • In the bathroom
  • Let's relax
  • Bedtime
  • Happy Birthday, David!
  • It's sunny today!
  • Our pet show
  • Our school concert

Places We Go:

  • At the fast-food restaurant
  • At the supermarket
  • At the shopping centre
  • At the bird park
  • At the zoo
  • At the beach
  • At the circus
  • In the playground
  • At the park
  • On the farm
  • At the swimming pool
  • At the library

People We Meet:

  • The postman
  • The dustman
  • The policeman
  • The fireman
  • The builder
  • The hairdresser and the barber
  • The dentist
  • The doctor

Travelling around:

  • Let's go for a car ride
  • At the garage
  • Let's ride in a bus
  • Let's ride on the underground train
  • Let's go for a boat ride
  • At the railway station
  • At the airport
More Information
Date of Publication 2004
ISBN 9789810106959
Subject Early Years, English