Comprehension, Graphic Stimulus, Cloze Book 4 Revised Edition

Comprehension, Graphic Stimulus, Cloze Book 4 Revised Edition

by Rosemary Allen


Year: 4

Scholastic Singapore

Based on the latest Primary English Language syllabus, this Comprehension, Graphic Stimulus, Cloze series of six books focuses on reinforcing pupils' comprehension skill. Pupils can practise their various comprehension skills through a rich variety of materials. The books each contain 36 factual and fictional texts, 18 graphic stimulus materials and 18 vocabulary cloze passages. Each book also comes with an answer key.

In addition, valuable information about the general process of comprehension is included for teachers in a teaching guide. The guide highlights certain issues that need to be addressed in the teaching of comprehension skills at teach level. It also provides creative ideas for using the texts as teaching resources.

About the Author

Rosemary Allen has vast experience in teaching, writing curriculum materials and educational consultancy. She has been a principal and held posts in various educational institutions in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. She has also taught at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, and the University of Western Australia. Now a full-time writer, she has publishe widely throughout Aisa, Australia, UK and USA.