My Pals Are Here Maths Pupils Book 3B (2E)

My Pals Are Here Maths Pupils Book 3B (2E)



Year: 3, 4

Marshall Cavendish

Filled with activities that build on mathematical concepts, skills and strategies for learning, these books encourage the collaborative learning of Mathematics in groups and provide a variety of hands-on activities and games to consolidate the concepts learnt.

They contain:

  • Let’s Explore! investigative activities for pupils to discuss alternative solutions to open-ended questions.
  • Play this game! and Carry out this activity to reinforce skills, concepts and problem-solving strategies through co-operative learning.
  • Maths Journal to offers opportunities for self-reflection.
  • Put On Your Thinking Caps! to nurture critical-thinking skills and challenge pupils to solve non-routine and higher-order thinking questions.
  • Suggestions for meaningful parental involvement in activities outside the classroom are also available via Home Math.

This is a Singapore text for Primary level 3 - it is recommended for Australian students working at a higher than average level in Years 3 and 4.