My Pals are Here! English Textbook 2A (International Edition)

Author: Judy Ling, Anne Smith, Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

My Pals are Here! English is a six-level programme for young learner. Based on a thematic and communicative approach, it makes the learning of English a fun and rewarding experience.

Developed on a scope and sequence that meets the requirements of English syllabuses for primary schools, the programme is designed to prepare pupils to succeed in international as well as school-based exams.

  • Your Turn! activities provide immediate, focused practice.
  • Hands On! tasks in tear-out sheets provide integrated practice.
  • A systematic phonics programme helps pupils learn to read and spell fast and accurately.
  • Words I Know section lists the target vocabulary and provides an easy reference.
  • What I have Learnt section summarises the main grammar and communication items.
  • Audio CDs provide recording of all reading, listening and phonics texts and word lists.
  • Direct correlation of the Workbook to the Textbook allows for focused practice and assessment.
  • The Review unit consolidates learning and helps pupils prepare for exams.
  • The Teacher’s Guide includes the complete Textbook with notes on learning outcomes, common errors and other important reminders for easy reference, as well as integrated lessons plans for the Textbook and Workbook, and Workbook pages with answers.

My Pals are Here! English is holistic programme for young learners. It offers a seamlessly integrated solution for different learning needs in the classroom. It comprises:

  • Textbook Parts A and B
  • Workbook Parts A and B
  • Audio CDs
  • Teacher’s Guide Parts A and B
  • Reading Programme (please enquire)
  • Homework Parts A and B
  • Tests
  • Grammar Practice
More Information
Year Level Year 2
Date of Publication 2006
ISBN 9780462008691
Subject English